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Welcome to New England Rugby Club

NERC is a Co-Ed Youth Rugby Organization which specializes in Rookie and Youth Rugby, which is played by children in the United States in Grades K-8

We focus on the developmental approach of Rugby to all who wish to partake in the sport. We believe in setting up rugby players to be successful on and off the pitch by instilling the core values of commitment, community, and compassion. All of which is part of our "As One" philosophy

"As One" refers to the commitment all players have on and off the pitch in their daily lives. It is showing up one time ready to go so we get the most out of the time we have. It is communicating effectively and efficiently with parents to ensure they have an understanding of all happenings,  present and future. It is knowing that when we all work together, there is nothing that we can not accomplish as all our talents and knowledge help advance us to a better community as a whole.


Come join us this Summer as we continue to grow the sport of Rugby throughout the New England Area. 

Interested in Playing please Use one of the links below too register.

Interested in Rugby? Never Played? Please connect with our Director Of Rugby, Coach Brad Nathan at for a free trial session

What is Rookie Rugby

Please Click on the link below to gain an understanding on how Rookie Rugby is played in Grades K-6 throughout the United States. 




Director of Rugby Brad Nathan

New England Rugby Club